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films and activities to transform your classes

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20 MIN@2x

Movies that fit in your class time

We bring to you a rich catalog of Brazilian shortfilms whith a maximum of 20 minutes duratinon.

Easy to find

Search engine that makes it easy to find a film looking by discipline, subject or grade.

All control in your hands

No advertisements, flash drives and files incompatibility. Our catalog is always available online or offline to be used during class in just one touch.

Mirror on any screen

With just one touch on your phone, tablet or notebook, you can mirror it to any screen available in the classroom.

Planned activities

Each film is followed by an activity according to the student’s grade and dicipline

Activity timer

After choosing the activity that you want for your class,  just follow, step by step, the journey in  the app.




Get access to a complete films catalog and support to broadcast our films on your favorite video class plataform.

R$ 39,90 per month

Take national cinema to your educational plan and expand your school’s teaching possibilities.

R$ 6,99 per student / month

Solutions to expand, host and display our complete audiovisual catalog with the face of your education system.


Frequent Answers

A VOD platform with a catalog of brasilian’s short films followed by lessons specially prepared for teachers to use in classes online or offline

For now Pupilo’s films are dedicated to elementary school teachers in the early years. Soon we will attend the other educational levels.

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